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Joseph E. Lambert sits at the helm of Lambert Tech Support.  Based in Camden County, New Jersey, Joe Lambert offers South Jersey clients up-to-date IT proficiency and a long history of hands-on computer expertise to satisfy his clients' needs.


Joe Lambert joined the computer revolution and worked it from the ground up.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, Joe initially dabbled in computers as a hobby.

"In the 1980's an IBM personal computer salesman handed me a thick-bodied manual to read on my own with minimal phone tech support and no courses available," explains Joe, " I turned on my computer with a blinking cursor and only two choices:  Either load on a Pong game or load on a floppy disk program of a little understood Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program. 

After burning the midnight oil for six months to master  DOS (disc operating system) and Lotus 1-2-3  (word processor, data base and spreadsheet program), my hours of study paid off, enabling me to lower my two restaurant businesses' main operating costs of  inventory, labor, and food control - all streamlined by 15% with the use of my computer - so  I was hooked.  Soon,  it was farewell restaurant business.  Hello computer industry."

Securing a MCSE (Microsoft Computer Systems Engineer) certification in the 1990's, Lambert ran with new skills and consumed additional knowledge from certified courses in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Exchange Server to cater to the needs of his growing IT computer client base. Lambert added computer security expertise to include virus, Malware, Spyware, etc. removal to his services.

While growing his own IT company, Lambert worked for a large Philadelphia CPA firm of 2,000 computers where he was the number one IT professional of the month for three years. 

Now, Lambert Tech Support offers South Jersey small businesses the technical might, an essential must,  in today's efficient and competitive business climate.  Lambert Tech Support specializes in accounting, legal, and small manufacturing firms. 

"I welcome the opportunity to serve you  as a new client or a returning one with current needs.  For complete IT servicing in South Jersey, call me for prompt, professional  and courteous service."

Future Goals

Small Business Clients: Rely on Joe to setup and maintain IT office networks, to offer 24-7 tech support, to install computer software, to trouble shoot and make repairs as needed, to set up email accounts, and to perform staff training when requested. 

Residential clients: Rely on Joe for new computer purchase setups and similar needs as small businesses but on a limited scale.

Joseph E. Lambert
Lambert Tech Support
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